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Are You a Struggling Overly Cautious Trader?


Bears Were Mauled Today, What's Next Video

What a reversal day -- the bears were mauled today! The day started out looking like the Breakdown Bar Failure (BDF) I suggested would set up after Monday's breakdown -- and could move prices higher -- was going to be a Failure itself. I thought, "Oh boy, Mr....

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Quit Your Job and Be a Prop Trader?

The idea of Prop Trading as a profession is based on the concept that "professional prop traders" are allowed leverage beyond the 4:1 retail day trader limit. What makes them professional? If banks can leverage deposited funds in the area of 30:1, why shouldn’t a...

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“The DOW is Down 500 Points – Real-Time”

As you know, the Dow Jones Industrials were down over 500 points today mid-day and closed down 420.22. With the markets selling off as they were, we decide to do a special webinar to update all on where the markets were and where they may turn. This was an "In the...

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Stock Market Crash Tradable Low Isn't Far Off!

The stock market crash's "tradable low" is not far off. We are starting to see the type of numbers from our market internal gauges that have signaled that a tradable low is not far off. We warned our subscribers before the top happened that it was days away and gave...

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Video Education on QQQ Real Options Trading

In this video, you will see how the options strategies used allowed us to profit from the trade that went against us. Not every trade is going to go your or our way as expected -- we thought the Qs would move much further; however, the "time decay" made the trade...

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Video Chart of the Week

The markets have continued to move higher but stalled on Tuesday after forming a Topping Tail. The continued selling on Wednesday showed that buyers are still waiting below and stepped up again. There were many stocks that closed strong suggesting continued strength....

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