You found a beautiful bullish pattern.  Do you just buy stock or want to place a bullish option strategy?  And if an option strategy, which one – Directional Trade, Income Trade, or something else?

Well, this video will review a bullish chart setup on Visa (V) and analyze various stock and option trades for you to profit based on different assumptions and reward-risk profiles depending on a trader’s Trading Plan.




Master Trader combines Technical Strategies (MTS) with option trading to teach investors and traders how to generate income and wealth in the markets.

All of our trade recommendations are based on how bullish or bearish we are on the price patterns that we use on multiple time frames (MTF).  We then choose either Income or Directional Option Strategies to best match our bias and trading time frame used.

Master Trader specializes in selling credit spreads around compelling patterns as Income Trades because the time decay (which is a “drag” to option buyers) favors selling.

These trades are typical in our Master Trader Weekly Options Trader, which is designed for the active trader wanting to generate weekly income from high probability short-term option selling, including news, gaps, earnings, and volatility trades around compelling chart patterns.

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