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Greg Capra founded Pristine Trading and is the creator of The Pristine Method of trading and investing.  He was President and CEO of Pristine Trading for over 22 years and is known as a pioneer of the online trading and investing industry.

From his early years of self-education, he created The Pristine Method of trading and investing.

In the late 1980s, he immersed himself into learning what moved the markets – and why.  Through what was mostly trial and error at the time, Mr. Capra realized that the widely accepted indicator-based mythology of technical analysis, which is still taught by the majority of education firms today, simply did not work.

Mr. Capra realized that trying to determine the direction of prices from a derivative of the actual prices (indicators) made no sense.  His approach to the markets is based on technical analysis, rather than a fundamental based one. However, he uses what he calls a “Techno-Fundamental” one that combines Market Internals, Inter-market Analysis and Technical Analysis.

Mr. Capra has taught and consulted for money managers, institutional traders, specialists and market makers. There are also a growing number of prior Pristine students who have opened educations firms of their own or work for one. A true testament to Mr. Capra’s teaching.

Mr. Capra has won numerous real-money, real-time trading challenges using his Pristine Method. McGraw-Hill Publishing and Wiley Publishing each commissioned Greg to author several books and DVDs on the subject of technical trading and investing.

Greg Capra – The Pristine Day Trader

In 1995, the first FAX trading letter was sent – The Pristine Day Trader . The letter provided market direction, stock trades and education. The first and only subscriber at the time was a stockbroker, Mr. Capra’s.

Through small advertising efforts and mostly word-of-mouth Mr. Capra grew Pristine Trading.

The Pristine Day Trader letter became the most widely followed educational, stock selection letter with the development of the first website.

Greg Capra – Trading the Pristine Method

Readers of The Pristine Day Trader letter asked for more education. As a result, Trading the Pristine Method (TPM) seminar was created.

Like any profession, education of technical chart based trading and investing has several levels of advancement of that education.

The second level of education was Trading the Pristine Method part 2 or TPM2.

This advanced class detailed an in-depth understanding of price movement. The how, where and why stock market prices move as they do.

TPM2 was renamed Advanced Technical Strategies or ATS to provide a more detailed title of its content.

Advance Management Strategies or AMS taught Money management and position management of The Pristine Method. Professional day traders, swing traders, institutional traders and investors use AMS to maximize gains.

Advance Gap Strategies or AGS taught day traders how to generate income from the markets in the first hour or two of trading. Traders learn to buy or short stocks that have gaped at the open of trading with an objective, systematic approach.

Classes based on the Method were also created to trade Index Futures, the Forex market and for the Professional Proprietary or Prop trader.

Greg Capra and Pristine Trained Traders

Following taking a seminar Mr. Capra  mentors Pristine Traded Traders (PTT) – Graduate students – of the Pristine Method through coaching sessions.

Pristine Trained Traders successfully apply the Method Mr. Capra developed years ago every day to all three time frames:

  • Trading for Daily Income
  • Swing Trading (2-5 day holding period)
  • Core Trading (holding period greater than 5 days)

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Greg Capra